Face Reading

Face morphology brings diagnostic insights that cannot be achieved elsewhere. Dr. Lamonica's expertise in reading the face helps her get to the cause of the problem so that it can heal in a profound way. 

Face Morphology, or Face Reading, is a sacred, ancient system of diagnosis and self-revelation. With your permission, Dr. Lamonica will read your face and use this method to get to the root of whatever difficulty you may be experiencing. Dr. Lamonica will often give you an imagery exercise to do to promote healing.

If you seek physical healing, she will use the information she gleans from your face to then direct her other methods and techniques to bring you lasting results.

If you seek emotional or relationship coaching, Dr. Lamonica will read your face and compassionately counsel you based on the uniqueness of your face.

Dr. Lamonica has been a student of Face Morpology since 1985 and is the author of the definite book on this subject and tradition, The Art & Science of Face Reading.

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