Telephone Appointments

Dr. Lamonica's patients know the healing power and inherent knowledge and wisdom that comes across in Dr. Lamonica's hands during a chiropractic adjustment or acupuncture treatment.

For those of us who have experienced it, it is something that is comforting and we have great confidence in its efficacy. We know that what she does works.

But those patients who have moved away and could no longer come to the office for regular visits have discovered a technique that Dr. Lamonica has developed over the years that allows her to help people over the phone.

And now, during this unusual time when the office is closed, this telephone consultation system, which Dr. Lamoinca has been honing for years, is now available for all her patients, near and far.

Through a system of consultation, the use of reflex points, biomechanics, and nutrition, Dr. Lamonica provides a method through which you can help yourself under her guidance via a simple telephone call.

Here's how it works

Call the office to set up an appointment. Since the office is closed you will probably need to leave a message. Please speak clearly and say your phone number twice. We will get back to you to set up a phone time that is convenient for you.

During Your Call

At the time of your appointment, Dr. Lamonica will call you. It is good if you have someone else with you who can offer a second pair of hands if needed. It is not necessary but it can be helpful.

During your call, Dr. Lamonica may ask you to place your hands at certain points on your spine or your abdomen, etc. You will have access to a PDF download to help you locate the points on your body if you find that helpful.

She may ask you to bend this way or that, flex or extend certain parts of your body, etc. She may ask you to rub certain reflex points or breathe in certain patterns. All these very simple tasks which she will lead you through are unique to your needs and are intended to help with your specific healing.

How Often?

Weekly appointments are recommended if you are experiencing symptoms. If not, monthly maintenance is recommended. Of course you are always free to call and make single appointments only when you feel it is necessary.


The fees are the same as for in office visits but please note that these calls are not covered by insurance.


Call the Office to Schedule a Telephone Appointment